Wildland 2004, Camp Parks, June 2004

There is a 90 minute video DVD available.  For information contact

me please.  Portions of the main video have been highlighted into a

ten minute streaming video.  Click here for the 56K modem version,

click here for the broadband version. -


Jim Holtzman, DMAT CA-11


AUT_0160.JPG (576079 bytes)

Event Poster

AUT_0165.JPG (826035 bytes)

Division Map

AUT_0174.JPG (852623 bytes)

IC Chart

AUT_0161.JPG (847313 bytes)


AUT_0162.JPG (853523 bytes)

Dave Lipin

AUT_0163.JPG (887634 bytes)

Life is tough

AUT_0164.JPG (867896 bytes)

Movies at nite

AUT_0166.JPG (919710 bytes)

Antenna test

AUT_0167.JPG (761034 bytes)

Mobile repeater

AUT_0168.JPG (585132 bytes)

Com Tower

AUT_0169.JPG (874710 bytes)

Drip torches

AUT_0170.JPG (735886 bytes)

Safe on black

AUT_0171.JPG (835252 bytes)

Strike team

AUT_0172.JPG (902964 bytes)

Division C

AUT_0177.JPG (901554 bytes)

Command Ctr

AUT_0175.JPG (878375 bytes)

Inside 1

AUT_0176.JPG (854446 bytes)

Inside 2

AUT_0178.JPG (908588 bytes)

Camp view