Photos taken June, 2002, Cozumel, during the "off season"

Names by Fred  -

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Hermit Crab

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French Anglefish

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Southern Stingray

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Southern Stingray

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Southern Stingray

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Pile of dead conchs

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Sharpnose Puffer

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Sargassum Triggerfish

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Spotted Morey Eel

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Barrel Sponge and Blue Tang

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Bicolor Damselfish

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Splendid Toadfish

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Blue Tang in Barrel Sponge

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Octopus getting away

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Octopus changing colors

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Mad Octopus

Scan54.jpg (411310 bytes)

Madder Octopus

Scan55.jpg (391843 bytes)

Very Mad Octopus

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nemone and Arrow Crab

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SCUBA-DU Divemaster, David

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Azure Vase sponge

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Princess Parrotfish, Initial Phase

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Black Durgon

Scan72.jpg (356798 bytes)

Stoplight Parrotfish

Scan74.jpg (339742 bytes)

Stoplight Parrotfish

Scan76.jpg (334151 bytes)

No Clue Fish

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Back end of beautiflul Qweentrigger fish

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Whitespotted Filefish

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Scan82.jpg (160459 bytes) Scan83.jpg (222650 bytes)

Schoolmasters and Queen Angle fish

Scan84.jpg (226776 bytes) Scan85.jpg (312466 bytes)

School of Bluestriped Grunts

Scan86.jpg (340035 bytes)

Black Grouper, or Tiger Grouper

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Pair of Queen Angle Fish, Blue Tang & Juvenile Parrotfish

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Tang and Parrotfish

Scan92.jpg (375476 bytes)

Queen Triggerfish

Scan93.jpg (446432 bytes)

Hawksbill Turtle


Scan94.jpg (367816 bytes)

Gray Angelfish & Hawksbill turtle

Scan95.jpg (348302 bytes)

Gray Anglefish

Scan96.jpg (301547 bytes)

Bluestriped Grunts

Scan97.jpg (269014 bytes)

Pretty Lilac Vase sponge with brittlestar or shrimp

Scan98.jpg (232608 bytes)

Splendid Jessiefish

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Scan100.jpg (341281 bytes)

Found this on bottom

Scan102.jpg (313472 bytes)

Flowercoral and Blue Chromis

Scan103.jpg (306266 bytes)

Honeycomb Cowfish

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Scan105.jpg (392933 bytes)

Whitespotted Filefish (orange phase)

Scan106.jpg (330675 bytes)

Whitespotted Filefish

Scan107.jpg (384600 bytes)

Foureye Butterflyfish

Scan108.jpg (336956 bytes)

Coney in barrel sponge

Scan109.jpg (410290 bytes)

Lane snapper or Bluestripped Grunt

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Scan111.jpg (343679 bytes)

Parrotfish - blue or redfin

Scan112.jpg (389649 bytes)

Whitespotted filefish

Scan113.jpg (320199 bytes)

Whitespotted filefish

Scan114.jpg (344333 bytes)

Whitespotted filefish

Scan115.jpg (391269 bytes)

Queen Angel

Scan116.jpg (310944 bytes)

Whitespotted filefish

Scan117.jpg (308751 bytes)

Queen Angel

Scan118.jpg (352365 bytes)

Whitespotted filefish

Scan119.jpg (439259 bytes)

Smooth Trunkfish

Scan120.jpg (210876 bytes)

Jessie with camera dangeling

Scan121.jpg (333420 bytes)

Blue Tang

Scan122.jpg (350849 bytes)


Scan123.jpg (436079 bytes)

Rock Beauty

Scan124.jpg (360886 bytes)

Surgeonfish ?

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Scan126.jpg (237301 bytes)


Scan127.jpg (330285 bytes)

Smooth Trunkfish

Scan128.jpg (324851 bytes)

Smooth Trunkfish

Scan129.jpg (358583 bytes)

Smooth Trunkfish

Scan130.jpg (425827 bytes)

Top of Smooth Trunkfish

Scan131.jpg (360960 bytes)


Scan132.jpg (296479 bytes)

Pair of Stingray and "Pilotfish" taken from surface looking 50 feet down

Scan133.jpg (283140 bytes)

Schoolmasters, Blue Chromis, Juvenile Blue Tang (yellow) and nice sponges

Scan141.jpg (238411 bytes)

Me and my camera - Jim Holtzman

Scan142.jpg (177997 bytes)

Sand Tilefish

Scan143.jpg (173378 bytes)

Sand Tilefish

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Scan147.jpg (173589 bytes)

Queen Angel

Scan148.jpg (179961 bytes)

Rock Beauty

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Scan150.jpg (236674 bytes)

Queen Angel

Scan151.jpg (289165 bytes)

Blue Chromis

Scan152.jpg (243240 bytes)

Black Durgon

Scan153.jpg (285361 bytes)

Black Durgon

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Scan157.jpg (177272 bytes)

Sand Tilefish

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Scan161.jpg (275864 bytes)

Hawkbill Turtle

Scan162.jpg (486825 bytes)

Big Hawksbill Turtle

Scan163.jpg (303160 bytes)

Turtle galloping

Scan165.jpg (284555 bytes)

Jessie climbing onto boat

Scan166.jpg (461845 bytes)

Mr. Lobster smiling

Scan167.jpg (368841 bytes)

School of Cottonwicks

Scan168.jpg (224958 bytes)

Gray Anglefish

Scan170.jpg (286423 bytes)

Jessie Camera Fish

Scan171.jpg (261622 bytes)


Scan172.jpg (328661 bytes)

Banded Coral Shrimp

Scan173.jpg (321355 bytes)

Sand Tilefish and Wrasses

Scan174.jpg (322581 bytes)

Blue Tang

Scan175.jpg (345054 bytes)

Arrow Crab (lower right)

Scan176.jpg (306844 bytes)

Gray Snapper?

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Scan178.jpg (373517 bytes)

Morey Eel

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Scan180.jpg (315969 bytes)

Bluestriped Grunt

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Scan184.jpg (362496 bytes)

Pair of Foureye Butterflyfish (mate for life)

Scan186.jpg (424938 bytes)

Princess Parrotfish

Scan187.jpg (253108 bytes)

Nitrox training

Scan189.jpg (192587 bytes)

Hermit crab?

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Scan192.jpg (480674 bytes)

Camouflaged Smooth Trunkfish

Scan193.jpg (386417 bytes)

Whitespotted Filefish

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Scan196.jpg (343548 bytes)

French Anglefish

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Scan201.jpg (371550 bytes)

School of BlueStriped Grunts

Scan202.jpg (202592 bytes)

Blue Tang

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Scan205.jpg (334123 bytes)

BlueStriped Grunt

Scan207.jpg (261593 bytes)

Doctorfish (white spot on tail)

Scan208.jpg (245832 bytes)

Stoplight Parrotfish

Scan209.jpg (403941 bytes)

Head of Spotted Trunkfish

Scan210.jpg (268967 bytes)


Scan211.jpg (321162 bytes)

Stoplight Parrotfish

Scan212.jpg (339238 bytes)

Sea Urchin, Blue chromis &??

Scan213.jpg (284829 bytes)

Rock Beauty and Blueheaded Wrasse

Scan214.jpg (317533 bytes)

Featherduster (actually a segmented worm)

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Scan216.jpg (274525 bytes)


Scan218.jpg (249709 bytes)


Scan222.jpg (254448 bytes)


Scan226.jpg (272956 bytes)

Sand Tilefish

Scan228.jpg (358245 bytes)

Scrawled Filefish & Blue Chromis

Scan234.jpg (408838 bytes)

Dos Langustas

Scan235.jpg (322552 bytes)

Splendid Toadfish

Scan237.jpg (347029 bytes)

Honeycomb Cowfish's Eye

Scan238.jpg (267832 bytes)


Scan239.jpg (285252 bytes)

White Octopus

Scan242.jpg (504928 bytes)

Scorpion or Toadfish

Scan245.jpg (294926 bytes)

Pink Vase Sponge

Scan248.jpg (296445 bytes)


Scan249.jpg (295007 bytes)


Scan250.jpg (344489 bytes)

Yellow Stingray

Scan251.jpg (328435 bytes)

Sand Diver (type of Lizardfish)

Scan253.jpg (396492 bytes)


Scan255.jpg (229274 bytes)

Pouring down rain

Scan268.jpg (326867 bytes)

Arrow Crab

Scan270.jpg (505761 bytes)

Blue Tang

Scan271.jpg (566513 bytes)

Stoplight Parrotfish

Scan276.jpg (406862 bytes)

Going down